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Join our D365FO/AX Security & Compliance Webinars

We're excited to share our latest lineup of 6 on-demand webinars on security and compliance for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and Dynamics AX, presented by Fastpath's Director of Development for D365FO/AX, Alex Meyer, and Director of Strategic Partnerships, Frank Vukovits. Everything you always wanted to know about security implementation do's and don'ts for D365FO/AX. You'll learn best practices, what you should avoid, and how to prepare for a successful roll-out of your security, audit and compliance program.

Top 10 Security Gotchas in Dynamics 365FO/AX – Don’t be a Gotcha!

In this session, we reviewed the most common security related mistakes companies make when upgrading or implementing Dynamics. From who owns security, to who should implement it, and everything in between, we provided proven project approaches that can keep your company off the security gotcha list.  GET THE ON-DEMAND WEBINAR HERE

Building Sound Security and Compliance in Dynamics 365FO/AX

Are you or your company worried about an upcoming audit, or wondering if your approach to security in D365FO/AX is following a sound methodology? Not sure how best to approach the planning, delivery, and maintenance of security? In this session with Fastpath and Protiviti, we  reviewed six areas of control monitoring, when set up correctly, should prepare your company for the next audit, and provide the framework for successfully maintaining and managing security inside Dynamics. We demonstrated how D365FO/AX addresses each of these six areas natively, shared a real life example with results, and reviewed non-technical controls too, since good security is not just a technical exercise. 

The Following webinar Series is by Dynamic Communities: Building Sound Security and Compliance in Dynamics 365FO/AX

Part I
AX/D365FO Security Series I: Building Sound Security & Compliance Environment in D365FO

Learn the auditing ideas and methodologies you should use to set up security with compliance in mind. We will look at how native controls within the application allow us to achieve these goals, and where there are gaps. GET THE ON-DEMAND WEBINAR HERE  (AXUG members only)

Part II
AX/D365FO Security Series II: Moving from AX 2012 -D365FO, What’s Changed in Security?

Security in D365FO has some differences from AX 2012, we will review those changes and what you should look at when updating security. GET THE ON-DEMAND WEBINAR HERE  (AXUG members only)

Part III
AX/D365FO Security Series III: Setting Up Least Privilege Security In AX 2012 & D365FO

There are many approaches to setting up security, the least privilege methodology gives you the best outcomes when looking at SOD risks and licensing. See how to design and implement security using this approach. GET THE ON-DEMAND WEBINAR  (AXUG members only)

Part IV
AX/D365FO Security Series IV: Rings of Security – More Than Just Securing Dynamics Safely

Security doesn’t end at Dynamics, there are many other systems and people involved. See how you can take a holistic approach to securing your entire environment. GET THE ON-DEMAND WEBINAR   (AXUG members only)