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Improving User Access and Identity Management for SAP Deployments

Proper user access and identity management of all the applications in your SAP environment is critical to the security of your business.

The latest report from SAPinsider was just released, and it summarizes the results of a July 2021 survey of 222 members of the SAP community. This report focuses on helping SAP customers understand how improving their user access and identity management for SAP deployments will help them know who uses their systems and how they are using them.

Among some of the findings in this report:

  • The challenge of user access and identity management involves the whole company. Ensure that multiple groups within your organization—Security, IT, Compliance, and Senior Management—are involved in the decision-making.
  • Be aware of cross-application access risks. Many companies use multiple systems – CRM, ERP, HCM – to manage a range of processes, and each system can be accessed differently. Make sure users are granted access using a consistent provisioning process.
  • Automate user provisioning. Most respondents are automating their user provisioning processes to reduce fraud risk.
  • Linking security and GRC. Monitoring the identity and level of access into all your systems is an essential component of Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC). User access and identity management processes across different applications help achieve the organization's security, risk, and compliance goals.
  • Centralization. Most companies seek to centralize user access and identity management, increase productivity, and reduce fraud risk. These companies embrace single sign-on, user access logs, and user provisioning audits to reach these strategic objectives.

The report also covers successful deployment strategies along with drivers and challenges of user access and identity management in SAP environments.


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Click here to download a copy of SAPinsider's User Access and Identity Management for SAP S/4HANA Benchmark Report and start building a successful access and identity management strategy for your organization today.