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Field Level Security in Dynamics 365FO

From the blog of Alex Meyer, D365FO and Fastpath product expert:

Alex has written in the past about Least Privilege Security in D365FO on our Fastpath blog,  but one aspect he hasn't covered yet is the process of setting up field level security in D365FO....

In D365FO, entry point security has changed slightly from AX 2012 and has simplified security by allowing menu item access to drive data source access. I’ve written about this in detail in a previous post.

But if you want to be more granular than allowing access to a particular form then field level security is the way to go. The idea of field level security is to restrict a users access to individual fields on a form.

Read Alex's blog on How to Determine Which Table Field Corresponds to the User Interface Element You Want To Permit/Restrict