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Fastpath Complements Security of Microsoft D365FO with Fastpath Security Designer

Read how Fastpath Assure complements security of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations with Fastpath Security Designer, and then watch the side by side demo comparisons to see the difference.

The Challenge

As companies continue to see benefits with digital transformation and utilize all the capabilities inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, the area of security is more important than ever. As business processes change and users are introduced to the benefits of digital transformation in their daily tasks and department functions, security around these tasks and functions continues to be critically important to ensure these benefits are realized.

Many times, security is one of the last pieces of a software implementation project to be completed and consequently does not receive the proper amount of time or resources to effectively set up proper controls over company records and assets. Without the right tool and procedures in place for managing user access, controls can be compromised. Errors, intentional or not, can occur, and data privacy and financial risks are elevated. Read the complete press release here.

“We’re pleased about the Security Designer announcement which further extends the Fastpath Assure Platform and deepens the security, risk and compliance capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365.”
Muhammad Alam, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Dynamics 365


Read the Press Release here