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Fastpath Announces Release Highlights for Spring 2021

Fastpath announces its latest release for the Fastpath Assure platform. Highlights of the May release include the introduction of Security Designer for SAP, support for Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) for Oracle EBS, and some major efficiency enhancements. This announement follows our release of Transaction Controls Monitor (TCM) for Oracle EBS earlier this year.

Security Designer for SAP

Fastpath Security Designer now supports SAP. Security Designer lets users create new roles and then test them to determine if there are any Segregation of Duties conflicts. Users can also take existing roles and determine where conflicts already exist. Once a role has been optimized, it can be written directly to your SAP environment.

Identity Manager support for RBAC

Fastpath Identity Manager helps streamline user setup, adding approvals and audit trails into the process. Identity Manager for Oracle EBS now supports Role Based Access Control (RBAC) to provision role grants and revokes in addition to responsibilities.

Efficiency Enhancements

SAP report: Identify conflicts at the Composite Role level

Segregations of Duties has a new report for SAP that identifies conflicts at the Composite Role level. The report will analyze all the single roles within a composite role for Segregation of Duties conflicts and show them on this report.

Find User Conflicts for multiple products

The Segregation of Duties module can now run User Conflicts Role Detail for more than one product at a time as long as the products are part of the same product family.

Add supporting evidence to Access Certifications

Fastpath Access Certification now supports the ability to add attachments for supporting evidence to all reviews.

Role Ownership

Role Ownership gives users the ability to consolidate the setup of security role ownership and then be able to reuse that configuration in Identity Manager approvals and Access Certification reviews. This reduces the amount of manual effort and time it takes to set up Fastpath Assure.


With these enhancements along with the recent release of Transaction Controls Monitoring for Oracle, Fastpath continues its leadership in innovations and automation in the GRC market.