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Extensible Data Security (XDS) Framework in D365FO

From the blog of Alex Meyer, D365FO and Fastpath product expert:

The Extensible Data Security (XDS) framework is a feature in D365FO and AX 2012 that allows users to supplement role based security and allow access to tables to be restricted by a policy. This feature was an evolution of the record-level security that existed in previous versions of Dynamics AX.

In simple terms, XDS is placing a WHERE (or ON) statement on any SQL SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE, or INSERT statement done to a table based on parameters from another related table.

Data Security Policy Concepts

Before we jump into how the functionality works we need to have an overview of some of the concepts and terms. In the below terms I’m going to use the example of wanting to secure the SalesOrder table based on the customer group.

  • Constrained table – is the table(s) given a security policy from which data is filtered or secured, based on the associated policy query. In the above example, the SalesOrder table would be the constrained table.
  • Primary table – is used to secure the content of the related constrained table. In the above example, the CustTable would be the primary table. The primary table must have an explicit relationship to the constrained table.
  • Policy query – the query used to secure the constrained table contents via the primary table contents

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