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Easy Security Fixes for NetSuite - NetSuite for Mitigation

System security can’t address every risk and segregation of duties conflict. At some point, additional mitigating controls need to be added. These may be process based controls, reviews, or other options beyond system security.

In this multi-part blog series we're reviewing quick fixes to improve NetSuite security.

Security Fixes for NetSuite: Using NetSuite Tools for Mitigation

NetSuite offers a number of additional features that can be used as mitigating controls. These include:

  • Approvals for certain transaction types
  • Template based workflows and workflow approvals
  • Tools to build additional workflows with approval using SuiteFlow
  • Audit Trails
  • SuiteScripts to customize application behavior
  • GL Audit Numbering
  • Saved search email alerts

8 Mitigation

There are a number of additional control points and tools present in NetSuite. If a company is unable to mitigate a specific risk or segregation of duties conflict, a NetSuite feature might be the simplest and most effect option.

You can find all of the fixes in this series at NetSuite Easy Security Fixes.

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