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Easy Security Fixes for NetSuite

We run into plenty of companies who realize their NetSuite security settings aren’t the best that they could be. There are plenty of good reasons for this, but we’re not here to point fingers, we’re here to help.

Realistically, there are a lot of things companies should do to set up security the right way in NetSuite. These include understanding processes, mapping processes to job functions, tying job functions to Roles and permissions in NetSuite and reviewing the whole pile for segregations of duties conflicts. But not everyone understands the incredible value built when security is setup the right way, and sometimes, it’s important to just need to make progress now.

This series isn’t about doing everything right, it’s about doing something now that makes you safer today than you were yesterday. It’s the “I know I should eat right and exercise, but how do I lose 5 pounds by Friday?” approach to NetSuite security.

In this series I’m going to focus on fast security fixes around:

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