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Comparing Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations vs Fastpath Security Designer With These Demos

Have you ever wanted to see a side by side comparison of how Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (D365FO) compares to Fastpath? We compared setting up security in the D365FO Security Configuration area and how it differs from setting up security using the Fastpath Security Designer tool. The differences in speed range from 14% - 53% faster with Fastpath Security Designer, often with fewer clicks as well! 

We have some normal test scenarios that you would run into on a day-to-day basis for this testing, and compare the time it takes as well as the number of clicks it takes in each scenario between the products.

But what's so great is that you get to see each product in action, and compare apples to apples with 4 demo videos at this link.

Even Microsoft agrees that Security Designer deepens the security capabilities in D365FO - read the press release here.

The complete picture:

For this blog we'll show you the more complex scenario, cloning the Accounts Payable Clerk role and remove the following duties:

  • Approve travel requisitions and expenses
  • DataValidationProjectMaintainer
  • Generate DIOT declaration
  • Generate goods receipt note
  • Review unrealized VAT


  • In D365FO this process takes 14 clicks 
  • In Fastpath Security Designer this takes 14 clicks and is 32% faster

D365FO vS Fastpath Security Designer - Cloning Account Payable Role and Removing Duties

HubSpot Video


Are you ready to see all 4 demo comparisons? Click here and you'll see 4 different scenarios for an apples to apples comparison.

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