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Why Fastpath is Glad Community Summit is Back Both In-Person and Virtual for 2021

Community Summit North America 2021, which was virtual in 2020, is back live this week in Houston. With 600+ sessions focused on Dynamics 365, AX, NAV, GP, and SL, as well as ISV add-ons like Fastpath, Microsoft business applications users are going to benefit more this year than ever from the largest independent Microsoft ecosystem event focused on the user.

There is so much content to be excited about, and we’re pleased that Fastpath is in the mix, presenting SEVEN information-packed sessions. Here is a preview:

Successfully Managing Your Partner: Tuesday, 1:00 PM CDT

In this popular session, Frank Vukovits will review proven approaches and methodologies for managing your partner to reach a desired outcome for all: a successful implementation or upgrade project with companywide adoption. This session is always a lively one, with lots of questions and shared experiences.

Dynamics 365 F&O Licensing, Upgrades, Costs and More (Part 2): Tuesday, 3:00 PM CDT

Alex Meyer will discuss topics related to moving from AX 2012 or older into the Dynamics 365 F&O license model, including licensing differences for Dynamics 365 F&O, how to get an accurate estimate for upgrades, and upfront as well as ongoing costs.

50 Security Tips for Dynamics GP: Wednesday, 9:30 AM CDT (broadcast)

Mark Polino will present a high-speed session covering tips to improve security for GP. The tips are a combination of immediately useful (removing security to clearing entries) and practical principles for going forward (how to get segregation of duties in smaller organizations). Key takeaways include understanding the good and bad of out-of-the-box security and how to make it better; features that can improve security; and principles and practical advice for better long-term security.

Common D365FO Security Mistakes and How to Avoid Them: Wednesday, 9:30 AM CDT (broadcast)

In this session, Alex will share common, real-world D365FO security mistakes customers make, discuss why these actions can introduce risk into your organization, and demonstrate the steps you can take to either fix the issue or avoid it altogether. Topics will cover security mistakes made during implementation as well as ongoing maintenance problems that companies fail to perform.

Achieving True Enterprise-Wide Security: Wednesday, 10:30 AM CDT (broadcast)

Companies are more worried about the security of their applications and data than ever before, and executives are challenging employees to develop the right methodologies and solutions to provide better security controls. But how do you get there, and what is true enterprise-wide security? In this session, Frank will explore the balancing of external and internal security threats and the roles everyone plays, from the CEO to the warehouse worker. He will review where threats are coming from and provide proven approaches for achieving enterprise-wide security in any company, large or small, public or private.

How to Save Your Company Money with D365FO User Licensing: Wednesday, 11:30 AM CDT

Do you find user licensing in D365FO confusing or second-guess the number and type of licenses you need? Are you worried you are over-paying for licenses? Alex is back to help answer these questions and more about user licensing, including the process Microsoft uses for determining licensing requirements, the impact security has on licensing, and steps you can take to ensure your company is not over-paying on licensing to save you money.

Dynamics F&O Integration Roundup: Thursday, 11:00 AM CDT

In this session, Alex will discuss each available integration technology, a high-level overview of how to use Dynamics 365 F&O, the pros and cons for each approach, how to select a technology for an integration, and how that technology is best used.

It’s Not Too Late To Attend Community Summit 2021

If you aren’t attending in person, you can stream 90 of the sessions live by registering for a Summit Streaming Pass. You'll also get on-demand access to these sessions plus another 50 sessions 30 days after the conference.

Fastpath is a leader in helping companies manage their access security risks in Microsoft Dynamics as well as complementary solutions such Workday, Salesforce, Coupa, and Workiva. Stop by booth #1721 or go online to see how Fastpath can help your business address your security, audit, and compliance concerns.