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Access Reviews for Any System

Review and Sign-off Access to Your ERP

Fastpath Assure® includes features for Access Reviews. The Access Review module pulls user access data from your business software, allowing you to review and sign-off on the access by user, company, role, and data sensitivity.

Reviewing access in your business software is necessary to ensure users have the right level of access for their job responsibilities. Every business has areas that are more sensitive and require additional scrutiny; knowing and controlling who has access to those areas can deter fraud, errors, and misstatements.

The Access Review module in Fastpath Assure makes reporting easier by allowing you to pull the exact data you need when you need it. The module has the functions necessary to create repeatable, scheduled reports for the sensitive areas of your business. These reports can be shared with necessary approvers and sign-offs can be recorded.


  • Assists in compliance with regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), GDPR, and FDA
  • Security analysis reporting at multiple levels from the user down to individual securable objects
  • Easily save or download custom reports in multiple formats like Excel & PDF
  • Schedule and deliver customized reports to reviewers
  • Reports can be signed-off and recorded in the system for later audit

Security is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

User access may change over time. Promotions, department changes, mergers and temporary access needs can all result in access changes for your users. Problems occur when old access or temporary access is not disabled after the change. This is where regular access reviews become necessary.

With the Access Review module, Fastpath Assure allows you to review system access regularly so changes don’t go unnoticed. We see about 75% of our customers find unnecessary and incorrect access in their system during training alone. Just imagine what regular and in-depth reviews can find. With Fastpath, easily create, schedule, and sign-off on access reports, making these reviews simpler, quicker, and repeatable.

Critical Access review

Gain Control Over Who Can Access Your Critical Data

Which areas of your business are sensitive? This can be different for every company, due to industry needs, regulations, or control design. These include areas where access means the ability to create, view, or edit data that is critical to your business or its financials.

The Access Review module in Fastpath Assure allows you to create reports to show who has access to the sensitive areas specific to your company. These reports can be scheduled, automatically sent to reviewers, and saved for repeatable audit succes.

Understanding the basic need for all businesses to secure access to their financial data, the Access Review module includes an out-of-the-box Critical Access review. Critical Access reviews allow organizations to define access critical to their organization and review that access for fast ROI and compliance with regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX).


Critical Access review

Controlling Access To Sensitive Data Is a SOX Imperative

When auditors review your system for Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance, they look for proof of controls securing access to sensitive data. Within your system you should have active and passive controls, and one of those controls can be regular review. You don’t have to review everything, but those areas of sensitive access should have regular checkups. Manual reviews are highly inefficient and costly.

To assist in this portion of SOX compliance, Fastpath Assure’s Access Review module can automate this process. Reports for sensitive and critical access areas can be run with the push of a button within minutes, rather than the days or weeks a manual process requires. These reports can be downloaded or sent for approval on a schedule and sign-offs will be recorded for later audit assessments.

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