Solutions for NetSuite

Analyzing access, monitoring segregation of duties risks and target system changes are on-going challenges for ERP solutions like NetSuite.

Fastpath solutions simplify compliance for NetSuite.  Our team of Certified Internal Auditors has analyzed the unique challenges presented by NetSuite and have developed audit templates, segregation of duties rules and key audit reports that make continuous compliance achievable.


Fastpath assure  

Fastpath provides a comprehensive audit solution to automate risk management and SOX compliance for NetSuite. Fastpath Assure helps you answer three questions:

  • Assure_for_Netsuite_New_icons-05.pngWho has access to your NetSuite data?
  • Where are the risks in your access?
  • What did users do with their access?


Segregation of Duties Platform

Segregation of duties is the basic level of security making sure that the rules are in place for ERP administration.
  • Assure_for_Netsuite_New_icons-02.pngAnalyze segregation of duties by user, company/subsidiary, role and permission
  • Out of the box rule set that is easily customizable
  • Quickly analyze security conflicts within and across roles
  • Security designer allows you to prepare and test new role configurations before deployment
  • Platform supports simple sign off for mitigations
  • Schedule reports for delivery in many formats (Excel, PDF, etc.)


Audit Trail/System Notes Reporting

Enhancing your current System Notes capabilities, the Audit Trail module for Assure lets you track and report even more, making the audit process simpler for everyone with Data Changes and Snapshots features.

  • Assure_for_Netsuite_New_icons-03.pngData Changes -monitor key master/financial transaction data in NetSuite, capablity to see which NetSuite users are creating, updating, or deleting records
  • Snapshots - track changes to NetSuite metadata (scripts, script deployments/ parameters, roles, custom records, custom fields, system settings, etc.)


Identity Manager


NetSuite user access controls are extremely customizable, but that customization can be extremely time consuming. The Identity Manager module within Assure makes user creation and control faster and more secure with a list of built in features.

  • Assure_for_Netsuite_New_icons-04.pngWorkflow based provisioning of NetSuite users with segregation of duties conflict analysis
  • Ability to edit/terminate existing NetSuite users
  • Set effective dates for access to NetSuite - can be applied at a user level or to specific roles/global permissions