Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Customer and sales data are some of the most important information that a business can maintain and store. Shouldn't your company do everything it can to make sure only the necessary people have access to this critical data?

Fastpath provides comprehensive auditing solutions to automate and simplify security configuration, database change tracking and compliance reporting for Dynamics CRM. With Fastpath, IT administrators can assign security as well as track changes to Dynamics CRM data in installations from 5 to 50,000 users.

Our team of Certified Internal Auditors has  analyzed the business processes affected by Dynamics CRM and have developed audit templates, segregation of duties rules and key audit reports to make continuous compliance achievable.




- Do you know who has it?


Risk based security access review and SOD analysis platform

Identity Manager

Request, review and approve Dynamics security without IT intervention

Config AD

Maintain user provisioning  in Active Directory instead of the target system



- Do you know who made them?

Audit Trail

Continuous monitoring solution that tracks all changes to critical data inside of Dynamics CRM as well as SQL.



- Do you know where you are vulnerable?


Risk based security access review and SOD analysis platform