Solutions for Intacct

Analyzing access, monitoring segregation of duties risks and target system changes are on-going challenges for complex, international ERP solutions like Intacct.

Fastpath provides comprehensive audit solutions to automate and simplify compliance for Intacct. Our team of Certified Internal Auditors has analyzed the unique challenges presented by Intacct and have developed audit templates, segregation of duties rules and key audit reports that make continuous compliance achievable.


Fastpath assure

Designed by auditors, Fastpath Assure allows Intacct users to quickly and easily analyze their Intacct software for potential segregation of duties (SoD) conflicts. The workflow in Fastpath Assure allows users to propose, approve and implement resolutions and mitigations throughout the audit process. Fastpath Assure is a comprehensive, interactive tool for small to large organizations to help identify all of the conflicts within Intacct, better understand security and provide the necessary reports to both internal and external audit teams.



• Segregation of duties rule-set designed for Intacct delivered with extensive list of potential conflicts
• Security reporting by user, company and activity/list/report
• Easily download reports to Excel for analysis and distribution
• Repeatable automation provides continuous compliance
• Best-in-class performance and reporting for Intacct

• Schedule reports to be emailed to any specified user via Excel or PDF attachment
• With Outlook Integration, users can sign off on reports without ever leaving their inbox



How Assure Works: